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Nine Inspiring Little Gifts from Kate Spade

Staying inspired sometimes takes a little effort. That’s why I love these gifts from Kate Spade. Not only do they have her classic mix of elegance and fun, they also provide a daily dose of inspiration to live life to the fullest.   This is the Year To Idiom Bangle, $58.00;  Food for Thought Placement, $16.00;  Things We Love Eat Cake for Breakfast Mug, $20.00;  “Start Something New” Scented Candle, $40.00;  “Be Dazzling” Scented Candle, $40.00;  “Escape the Ordinary” Scented Candle, $40.00;  Quick and Curious Spiral Notebook, $14.00;  I Married Adventure iPad Folio, $85.00;  I Married Adventure iPhone 5 Case, $40.00