About La Vie Intrépide

La Vie Intrépide is a Paris-based fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to exploration and living life fearlessly.

For women of a certain age, living a fearless life can be difficult. We get stuck. From fashion and beauty, to meeting new people and trying new things, it’s easier to just stick with what we know.

But life should be an adventure. There’s always something new to explore, new experiences to be had, and new beauty to be seen.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire women to add more adventure to their lives and take more risks. Small risks, like trying new fashion and beauty trends, experiencing new music or art, or even just trying a new restaurant. And big risks, like traveling to a new country, making a major career change, or learning a new skill. All risks count; the small ones strengthen your “adventure muscles” for the big ones. And a youthful, adventurous spirit will keep you young at any age.

Life is out there. Let’s go explore it—fearlessly.

IMG_2403 - Version 2About Elle Stark

Austin-based and a California-girl at heart, Elle Stark is a writer, marketing strategist and business owner currently residing in Paris, France while she pursues her MA in Global Communications.

Elle’s lifelong love of fashion began at age three while perusing Vogue and window shopping at Neiman Marcus with her mother. Those trips made a strong impression and late 60s/early 70s-era inspired fashion remain among Elle’s favorites.

Taking another cue from her mother, who in her 40s spent a month trekking through Central America, Elle’s love of travel and adventure often finds her taking solo trips to new cities and new countries. Her philosophy of “Travel like a local, live like a tourist,” keeps her exploring whether at home or abroad.

While in her home town, she can most often be found enjoying Austin’s vibrant music and eclectic culinary scenes. Although her studies conspire to consume most of her time in Paris, she sees each day as an opportunity for new experiences – big and small.

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