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Vinylux: Holiday Edition

I’m done with UV gels. Not worth the brown spots on the back of my hands, the skin cancer risk (no matter how small that may be), or the acetone damage to my nails. And since the introduction of Vinylux, I don’t miss them one bit.

I’ve been a fan of CND Vinylux since the minute it came out. Now I use it almost exclusively. I’ve tried other two-step, no light required gel polishes, but they just don’t compare. Smooth, easy application. No bubbles. No streaking. Super-fast drying time. Super-shiny finish. And acetone-free removal.

What could be better than that? How about 10-14 days of wear! No, I’m not exaggerating. Ok, it does start to wear at the edges after about 10 days, at which point I often just file down the tips a bit. But it doesn’t get to the point where I *have* to take it until two, sometimes nearly three, entire weeks.

Only drawback? The topcoat gets thick in the bottle relatively quickly. I always purchase two at a time so I have plenty on hand.

While the Vinylux color line is not as extensive as other brands, I do have my favorites. Below are my picks for this holiday season. (Roll over each image to see the color name.)

And for the first time, Vinylux is now sold direct-to-consumer through Loxa Beauty. In partnership with CND, a commission on every CND product sold goes directly to the local area nail professional of your choice.


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