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My Winter Skin Saviors

I have uncomfortably dry skin. When winter arrives, Vichy products are what gets me through. Product junkie that I am, I stray. I’ll try what’s hot, what’s new, what’s luxe. But no. In the end, I always come back to my tried-and-true. They never let me down.

If you haven’t tried Pureté Thermale, you’re in for a bit of a surprise. It has a feel unlike any cleanser I’ve ever used. The first time I used it, I kept rinsing and rinsing my face, feeling like there was some sort of film left behind. But then I patted my face down with my fluffy towel, and…wow. The softest, smoothest skin I’ve ever had. In addition to being extremely dry, my face is also hyper-sensitive, often turning red and irritated by even “gentle” products. But this cleanser leaves my face absolutely irritation free. It’s the least-red my skin has ever been.

VichyAqualiaThermalAqualia Thermal is moisture, pure and simple. Deeply hydrating, it somehow manages to feel light, refreshing and never heavy or greasy. How good is it? It’s search-through-every-drugstore-in-a-foreign-country-because-you-forgot-to-pack-it good. (And yes, that happened.)

I have several foundations of varying coverages I use throughout the year. But in winter when my skin is extra dry, they all seem to go cake-y on me. That’s when I rely on ProEVEN Mineral BB Cream. With just the tiniest drop on each area of my face, I get smooth, even coverage that looks natural, only better. Unlike other BB creams I’ve tried, this one never looks chalky or ashy. It’s so luminous and hydrating,  I swear my skin looks 20 years younger.

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